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Behind Azieb Music ... 

Azieb Music serves as a notable “Music Artist” from the Chicago/Midwest region. Her love of music began with playing piano and songwriting which evolved into several project releases such as her mixtape “Stuck”, “Azieb The Album”, “Inner Child” and her most recent single “Azieb - At Home”. She began recording her original “freestyle” pieces in programs such as Fruity Loops, GarageBand, Logic Pro etc. and has been playing piano, songwriting, and producing music for over a decade and constantly pushes her sound forward fusing genres like trance, hip-hop, soul, jungle, and classical.

She has been highlighted by: The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, The B Side BRIC TV New York, OK Playa, Youth Move National, KBOO Radio, and more for her astounding accomplishments.

In her most recent interview Azieb was asked “What are some of the key motivating factors for launching her career?”She responded, “My musical journey began with piano lessons over 15 years ago. Playing piano and making music in general takes me to a state of pure bliss and time just melts away. I use music to heal myself and I believe sharing my creations with the world will help others feel that same energy. I enjoy connecting with people through honest lyrics and honest expression and encouraging people to wake up and be their true selves.“ When in college I met a group called “TeamGreenWhatUp” and they were recording rap/hip-hop/experimental music at a home studio. They heard me perform at one of my events and scouted me to join their group, to which I agreed. With their help I began producing my first music project titled “Stuck”, I just kept creating more projects, experimenting with more sounds, singing, rapping, recording nature sounds and whatever else to bring my ideas to life the best I could. I make music because it heals me and I will continue to make music forever because it’s simply who I am.”